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Arsenal, My Dad and My Life

Hello, this is my first post. Hope you enjoy it.

I still remember this story like it was happened yesterday.

When I was a young boy, in 1998, my father woke me up in the midnight. He said that he wanted to show me something interesting. I had no idea what it was about. I thought it was my birthday and my father wanted to give me surprise. But I was wrong. My father only wanted to show me a football match; it was World Cup 1998 quarter final match, between Netherlands against Argentina. During the match, my father never stooped explaining about football. He said that soccer was the most popular sport in the world. He also told me about how he was crazy about Netherlands because their way of soccer, total football, was so entertaining. My father never stooped supporting Holland team since he was a teenager. 

my father and my mother

For your information, the only competition they had won was Euro 1988. Netherlands was reached final stage up in World Cup 1974, 1978 (at that time). Ironically, they had never win the World Cup competition even for once. That was why people dubbed Holland as “crown less winner”. Back to the match, my father said that the Holland player who wore the 8 jersey, Dennis Bergkamp, was his favorite player. Although I understood nothing about football, I could see that Bergkamp was magnificent player because Holland supporters shouted whenever Bergkamp dribbled the ball. At the end of the match, Bergkamp helped his team to win over Argentina with a goal and an assist from him. Not only in Holland national team, Bergkamp also lethal for his team, Arsenal.

That night changed my world. It looked like I was falling in love with this sport at the first sight. From that moment, I idolized Bergkamp, Netherlands and Arsenal. I always use Arsenal team every time I play games like: Pro Evolution Soccer, Winning Eleven, Championship Manager and Football Manager. My father and I never missed to watch every single Netherlands and Arsenal match. We always support for arsenal although they never win any competition since 2005. But my father always said that do not easily change your faith. It is not because you are great so you can be a winner, but you are great because you can be a winner. He keeps remind me not to desperate whatever happened in your life. How thick the wall in front of you, you can still climb over it. In my hardest time, I always remember what my father said to me. The only thing that I want to say to my father is: “Thank you for being the greatest father in the world. Don’t you know how much I want to reply all your kindness to me?”

But my father has passed away before I can do it. Maybe that is why my tears always dropped whenever I watch Netherlands or Arsenal football match, because I realize that I cannot watch those match with my father again.  

Now I have my own little family, and I hope that I can be a great husband and father for my family, as good as you father…
Me and my happy little family

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