Minggu, 12 Agustus 2012

That's Why I hate Singing

For some people singing is a pleasure thing to do. Just by singing out loud, they can release their excessive stress, that’s why karaoke business never slack. Even for those who blessed with “golden voice”, they can try their fortune on entertainment field by become a singer. What a pleasure thing to do! 

But for me, singing is my nightmare, I never singing for almost eleven years!!! Not a single tone or a hum comes out from my mouth. I don’t even dare to sing in my bathroom, place where everyone can sing freely. This nightmare started when I was in grade three. Here is my story.
I remembered my 3th grade of Elementary School teacher, just called her Mrs. A (not a real name). Mrs. A was a brilliant teacher. She could master all the material which covered six courses (at that time, an Elementary School teacher has a responsibility to teach not only for one course, to teach all courses in one grade). One day, she created a vocal group to perform in matins. I was included in that choir, not because of my beautiful voice, but because all the third grader must join the choir otherwise they would be consider as absence.
The first rehearsal, everything went run smoothly, I join the second or bass voice because I had a low tone. I had to open my mouth into a big O shape in order to create bass sound. There was no problem at all on the second, third and next practice. Until a week before the D-day, Mrs A found out that there was a problem on the choir’s voice. She said that there was no harmonization between the first and second voices. She looked very stressful about that. In her fury, she said that, “Come on guys; show me your best shoot. I know that your voice not as bad as Dewangga’s, his voice totally rubbish.” Suddenly the class laughed at me and Mrs. A spontaneously said, “Oh, I looks like there is Dewangga here, I don’t realize that you are here.” Obviously, Mrs. A did not know my presence in that room. I did not know why she said something like that, maybe she wanted to encourage us by showed the bad example, I, or she just “accidentally” said my name, but she had left wound in my heart. From that day, I stooped singing
Eleven years passed without any symphony flowing from my mouth. Until me and my friends, Andre, Adit and Eki, decided to create a band named TMPN band. I played bass in the band and as backing vocal. I practice in my home every day and I have to sing in order to enhance my performance. From that time, I started to sing again.
Playing bass
In football game, there is a wise word, “attacking is the best way to defend”. But this sentence cannot be applied in educational field. As an educator, she is not supposed to attack her student’s weaknesses. Teacher’s duty is not always about delivering the material to the students, she needs to be more “human”. Education is not always about student’s intelligence, because student’s emotion has significant role for the successfulness of learning process. Students are living things that will react differently if you treat them positively or negatively. In my case, I react really negative toward my teacher’s treatment. I hope there will be no more person who suffers trauma because of their teachers.

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